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Why Should You Visit the Blue Cave?

Definitely, the most popular place for Hvar visitors!


    Last Updated: 16.04.2024


      A Blue Cave is a natural phenomenon where the sunlight penetrates deep into an underwater cave and, depending on the time of year, can turn the water’s surface into a deep blue. The Blue Cave, one of the most captivating sights, is located on the small island of Bisevo near the island of Vis, Croatia.

      The cave appears to sparkle from the inside in the early hours due to the sun’s beams, and the water takes on a magnificent blue tint. Due to a large number of tourists, the cave has brisk boat traffic, so the use of a motor is banned. Swimming is prohibited in the cave for the same reason. The emerald green patch shining in the depths of the grotto draws attention to the green grotto. It is not particularly deep, and it is now open to the public.

      Mario Rent on Hvar island offers a boat tour to Blue Cave. We’ll take a lengthy stop at Palmiana, where you may select from a variety of restaurants for lunch. 

      The fee already includes drinks on board, snorkeling masks, a captain, and a discount certificate for restaurants and pubs in Hvar town. Warm clothing, a towel, and a swimsuit are required for the boat excursion. Book the Blue cave tour for a visual treat!


      Bisevo Island, not far from where the Blue Cave is located, with its picturesque natural coastlines, vineyards, and pine forest fragrances, is a true relaxation haven. It is a small island off the coast of Vis, about 5 kilometers south of the city. A pine forest separates the island’s harbor, which has a modest dock, from the hamlet. The island of Bisevo, with its picturesque coastlines, vineyards, and pine forest fragrances, is a true relaxation haven.

      Bisevo is said to have 26 caverns, the most notable of which is the Blue Cave, according to some specialists. Because accessing the cave via boat was difficult and could only be done by diving, it was decided to use dynamite to build a small entrance. It has been open to visitors since then. Each boat is only allowed to stay in the cave for 5-15 minutes at a time.

      Its history began in 1884 when the cave’s outside entrance was built, the Blue Cave in Croatia was available to the public. It is 3-20 meters deep and has become a famous tourist destination because it is filled with a piercing blue glow for around three hours each day in bright conditions with calm water.

      The water here has a stunning color. Seawater eroded limestone, Bisevo Island’s only rock, produces this cerulean oasis – it’s one of a kind. Because of the sunlight’s reflection off of the white seabed, which crawls through the opening of a vault at the cave’s top, the cave’s capacity is filled with a mesmerizing blue tinge. Because the entry is so small, you’ll have to squat in the middle of the boat as the sailor leads you inside.

      The Blue Cave is the most impressive of roughly ten caverns dispersed along Bisevo’s shore. Every year, about 10,000 tourists visit the cave, and tourist boats frequently include a visit to another comparable cave on the island, the Zelena Pilja, which is larger and has an emerald-green tone owing to a similar effect.

      The Blue Grotto on the Italian island of Capri is likewise known for this occurrence.

      Only a tiny boat with oars can carry you to Bisevo Island’s Blue Cave in Croatia. Because the cave’s depth is shallow, it’s acceptable for divers of all ability levels. During the summer, it is preferable to schedule journeys and visits to the Blue Cave between 9:00 and 13:00 in the morning. It is not permitted to utilize your own boat. Throughout June, July, August, and September, the temperature of the water is between 22 – 25 °C. 

      If you are traveling individually, the best choice is to schedule a boat transport from a Komiza-based business. You can leave in 15 minutes on a fast boat or 30 minutes on a slower large boat. Bisevo has no hotels. However, Porat, which is 45 minutes away from Mezuporat, has a few flats. 

      Mario Rent on Hvar Island

      We offer the Blue Cave boat tour. The cost is 80-100 euro per participant, with a 10 a.m. check-in deadline. Mario rent office (main square) or Mario rent Corner are the meeting locations (near Hula Hula bar). The departure time is 10:30 a.m. During the low season, return is at 17:30, while during the peak season, it is at 18:00.

      We provide you with an amazing opportunity to choose other options of time spending activities. 

      • Choose a private tour boat or book a boat for yourself

      Breathtaking locations of Red Rocks and Pakleni Islands include the natural wonder of Red Rocks and the stunning Borce Green Lagoon, among others. Golden Horn is a favorite place of kite-surfers from all over the world and offers plenty of activities for those traveling with children. Enjoy a private boat tour during this most peaceful time of day while listening to your favorite music, drinking some delicious local wine, and cruising around the gorgeous Pakleni islands. Witness the sunrise from the open sea and watch the dolphins play, all while waiting for the catch of a lifetime. Enjoy a hearty breakfast and a glass of local wine in the middle of the open sea. 

      • Try the water transfer to reach your destination

      It is the most convenient way to do island hopping. There are a variety of destinations to choose from.

      • Pick water sports activity

      Flyboard, stand-up paddle, and wakeboard are the available options. 


      Is it possible to take equipment for swimming?

      It’s no issue since we have the equipment to help you. You can utilize the lifejacket if you want to go swimming.

      What is the minimum age requirement for booking that tour? 

      The minimum age requirement is six years old. If the youngster is under the age of six, we shall be compelled to refuse your reservation. 

      What to do if the weather is rainy, and I booked a tour to that cave? 

      We do not offer tours while it is raining. If the Blue Cave is closed to visitors, or it is pouring, we will not begin the trip. In that situation, we can either reschedule your reservation or issue a refund.

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