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Bachelorette party in Hvar


A list of best activities and spots to make your bachelor party on Hvar unforgetful!


    Last Updated: 04.04.2024


      Are you getting ready to tie the knot, but you are still searching for the perfect place to celebrate your last days as a bachelor or a bachelorette?

      Hvar is becoming one of the ultimate bachelor party locations (or as the British call it “hen” and “stag” party). No wonder. If you’ve ever set foot on Hvar, you will understand why it is like that. This small town has only about 3700 inhabitants in the winter time, yet during the summertime, with more than 200 000 arrivals, it transforms itself into a really energetic destination that everyone loves. After all, what is there not to love about Hvar? Hvar is immersed in a rich historical context, with many ancient sites around the town and the island itself. On Hvar you will also find beautiful nature, amazing hiking locations and many outdoor activities. If you add to it beautiful beaches and an amazing party scene, you get a perfect recipe for a week away with your friends.

      All that being said, it is clear that if you are searching to throw a Bachelor or a Bachelorette party, Hvar is the place to be. Here is the list of places and activities you should definitely visit, as well as some tips about things to be careful about when organizing your trip.



        The most important and obvious spots are Hvar’s fortress and the city center. Take a walk around the center and walk up to the fortress (or take a taxi) to enjoy the amazing view from the top. An hour will be enough to see all the main sites around Hvar center (Arsenal, the Theatre, main square, the Franciscan monastery) and it takes around 15-20 minutes to reach the fortress by foot.


        An absolute must-see when on Hvar. While there are many bays and beaches on Pakleni, the ones we definitely recommend for your bachelor or bachelorette trip would be Carpe Diem beach on Stipanska bay, which is an ideal lounge destination, where you can have lunch and enjoy a massage while listening to some good house beats. Another great spot for daytime chill and parties is Laganini beach bar. Their famous chefs will take care of good food for you, while their resident DJs will set the right mood for the amazing ambiance that this bar is located in.




        A stretch of land that has the most beautiful beaches on Hvar island is definitely its south shore. When planning your bachelor party, make sure to leave at least one day to explore the beauties of this beautiful shore. Here are some of the best beaches of Hvar’s south shore: Red Rocks, Zaraće, Dubovica, Lučišća and Borce. What will amaze you the most about these beaches is the crystal clear color of the sea and the intact nature, so make sure to do some snorkeling as well. Bays are located below the vineyards on the slopes so the ambiance is very scenic. Another bonus point is that the beaches on the south shore of Hvar island are less crowded than most beaches in the immediate vicinity of Hvar town, so make sure you and your bachelor friends don’t miss it! An important thing to note is that the most beautiful of those spots are not reachable (or are hard to reach) without a boat. While you may hire a car or rent a scooter to visit some of the bays, we recommend hiring a speedboat to experience the “full thing”.




        Bachelors having fun on a boat party private tour from Hvar

        The most popular option among bachelors and bachelorettes in Hvar is definitely the boat party. That is mostly because we’ve hacked the perfect formula: beautiful beaches, cool beach bars, good music and free booze on board. A private boat party is, as the name itself explains, a private tour, meaning that you can choose the departure time, the itinerary, the lunch stop, etc. However, we advise you to trust yourself to our skippers, as they know all the good spots around Hvar, Also, feel free to plug in your phone and play your own music, bring extra drinks, etc. The price of a private bachelor/bachelorette party boat depends on the boat you select, not the number of persons on the boat. In other words, you pay the price per boat, regardless if there are 2 or 12 persons on that boat. That being said, the prices for your stag or hen party boat tour could cost you anywhere from 800 to 1400 euros total, with gas and skipper included. Check out all the options available


        For those of you who like to have a glass of fine wine, Hvar has a lot to offer! Being the sunniest island in Croatia, Hvar is a great locale for growing numerous grape varieties, while its winemaking tradition goes all the way to the ancient times when the island was settled by ancient Greeks. The remnants of the Greek legacy are the terraced vineyards, that can still be seen today. With that being said, a perfect way to spend your day in Hvar could be a boat ride along the beautiful vineyards on the slopes, swim stops in crystal clear waters and wine tasting in one of the most famous wine cellars in all of Croatia, Zlatan otok in Sv. Nedilja. This picturesque location boasts fine-quality wine which was once enlisted among the top 10 in the world. The price of the boat tour goes from 400 to 1200 euros, depending on the boat you’d like to select. The price of wine tasting goes from 10 to 20 euros per person, depending on whether you’d like to have snacks with your wine, and it is paid directly to the restaurant.


        A real treat for adrenaline seekers, wakeboarding is a great option if you are looking for fun activities for your afternoon in Hvar. It is also a great idea for your bachelor party, as everyone can be on board, have fun and observe while also taking turns in the activity. The price of the activity is 100 euros per person.


        guy on a flyboard in front of Hulahula

        Another, relatively new board sport, whose popularity is soaring over the last couple of years, is flyboarding. Mario rent is the only service provider for this sport on the entire island, and judging by their level of expertise and experience in the field, you should look no further. The activity is carried out right in front of Hula Hula beach bar, so it is a brilliant thing to do with your group of bachelors and bachelorettes, as everyone can enjoy cocktails and good music at Hula Hula, while observing their friends taking turns on flyboard right in front of their eyes. The flyboarding activity itself is a lot of fun and it is not difficult to master. The participants take turns one by one on the flyboard which is controlled by our skilled skipper on the jet ski. As you learn how to control the board and gain more balance and confidence, he lifts the flyboard higher and higher. The activity itself lasts around 25 minutes and it costs 100 euros per person.


      Here’s the list of the best party spots in Hvar. They are aligned chronologically, according to the best time to visit them. You should select 2-3 spots in one night out.

      • HULA HULA BEACH BAR (5 pm to 9 pm)
        Hula Hula has rightfully deserved its title as the most popular day party destination on Hvar. The bar is open throughout the day, but it gets the busiest (and the loudest) in the afternoon, after 4 pm. It is a spectacular place to observe the sunset and its right by the beach so you can cool off quickly. You will also find Marion rent corner only a couple of meters away, so you can easily arrange any services there on the spot.
      • LOLA BAR AND FOOD (9 pm to 12 pm)
        An amazing street food and cocktail bar in the heart of Hvar’s old town. Enjoy good food and live DJ-ing, before you continue your journey to one of the bars below. Note: the bar is very busy so it’s good to show up earlier. Also, it is more of a sit-down spot, so save your dancing queen moves to one of the three spots listed below:
      • NAUTICA ADVENTURE (10 pm to 12 pm)
        Right below Lola street food, Nautica is a great option if you wish to dance to some latino, house or pop tunes. No food is being offered, but great cocktails make up for it!
      • CARPE DIEM HVAR (10 pm to 2 am)
        Right at the ferry stop, this popular bar is a great spot before heading to Carpe diem Beach. The party closes around 1 or 2 am. There is no entrance fee and the drink prices are more costly than other bars listed.
        This is a popular open-air island club that often brings famous DJs from around the world. Lines to get to the island can be hundreds of meters long, so make sure to book your island transfer


      • DO BOATING BEFORE DRINKING: Do boating activities before you do a night out, not right after, otherwise you might have a miserable time. A great way to pull it off would be to do a boat tour during the day, maybe bring some drinks on board and do a warm-up. You can ask your skipper to finish your boat trip in Hula Hula beach bar on Hvar, where the party usually starts around 5-6 pm. You can continue your party venture from there.
        A bad scenario would be to do a night out, stay out at Carpe diem until 6 am, and try to do your boating the same day. If this does happen, we advise buying Dramina at the local pharmacy.
      • BOOK AHEAD: As stated, Hvar is becoming an increasingly popular destination, with the number of its visitors increasing every year by 5-10 percent. It does not surprise then that most of the good accommodations and service providers are booked well in advance. What is more, if you come with a larger group, it will be almost impossible to find good options in July and August. Therefore, we advise you to book most of your services a couple of months in advance, so that you don’t lose your spot.
      • PLAN YOUR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES FOR THE FIRST PART OF YOUR STAY, that way you can easily postpone them should the weather not be good. This goes especially for sea activities. In case of high winds or strong rain, you might not be able to do your trip on the day you scheduled it for. Don’t let this scare you though, the weather on Hvar is perfect most of the time, but this advice is just to be on the safe side.


      What are the best things to do for my bachelor's party in Hvar?

      Some of the most interesting activities when organizing a bachelor/bachelorette/hen/stag party on Hvar are:
      private boat parties, clubbing, flyboarding.

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