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A beach near Hvar

The Most Beautiful Beaches of Hvar Island

Mario Rent offers you the best beaches of Hvar Island!


    Last Updated: 15.04.2024


      There are more than 15 beaches on Hvar Island, some are more popular than others. Beaches on the island of Hvar include those near the town of Hvar, as well as those on the Pakleni islands. Hvar beaches are generally tiny pebbled, with some stony areas. Hvar travel guide shows the beaches that are tucked away amid the island’s various coves. The northern half of the island of Hvar also has sandy beaches. Small pebble beaches in the northeastern portion of the island of Hvar are suggested for families with children. 

      By the way, Forbes compared the island of Hvar to the Caribbean, Maldives, Hawaii, and the Bahamas in one of its issues. Hvar has the most sunlight hours in Europe (2700 hours per year), making it the sunniest island in Europe.

      Visit Hvar island to discover attractive towns with interesting histories, and if you wish to relax by the sea, check out Mario rent beach ranking to choose the finest one. If you wish to take a boat tour and have a rest from a pandemic, we are always here to show you the picturesque views of Hvar island.

      Hvar Beaches to Choose

      Here are some popular beaches to choose from the Mario rent Hvar travel guide:

      1. Dubovica. The scenic Dubovica is a popular tourist destination. Tourists can discover a large pebble beach and an amazing underwater environment here. The pebble beach is situated on the edge of a stunningly clean and crystal blue sea. Those who enjoy diving will have unique experiences, discovering the fascinating underwater world.
      2. Hula Hula. The famed European youth beach Hula Hula is pebbled and rocky. It is a popular holiday place for young people who enjoy energetic leisure activities, as well as avid windsurfers. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available to rent.
      3. Sirena. It is a huge public beach in the western section of the town of Hvar, situated in a lovely bay; this is a pebble Hvar beach with a gentle and easy approach to the sea. The elderly and families with children will enjoy the quiet, clean sea and shallow waters of the coastal area.
      4. Mina. It is a renowned bathing spot and a coastal resort for fans of sandy beaches. On some sections of the Hvar beach, there are showers and changing facilities.
      5. Zavala. It is a tiny beach region on the southern edge of the island of Hvar that consists of many small beaches. You can do the following popular family activities here: swimming, sunbathing, boat tours, strolling, and cycling along the lovely coastline, which is filled with lavender, olive trees.
      6. Pakleni. It is a chain of wooded islands located in the Adriatic Sea. They are famous for pristine nature, bright blue waters, and clean air, rich in pine needles and rosemary. Some of them have a developed infrastructure and large settlements; other land areas are completely deserted.
      7. Les Bains. It is located on the opposite side of the bay. It is prepared to fulfill the desires of its most cranky visitors. Sun loungers and beds, as well as chairs, umbrellas, and pontoons that may be privatized, are available to guests in separate tents right on the beach for classical and traditional Thai massage.
      8. Vira. The beach at Camping Vira is bordered with tiny stones, making it ideal for families with little children and those who have difficulty swimming. The Hvar beach is located in a bay and is shielded from strong winds and huge waves from all directions. Think about that beach if you plan to visit Hvar Island.
      9. Milna. It is shallow, making it ideal for families with kids of various ages. Near Milna beach, there is a Croatian restaurant. Milna has three lovely tiny pebble beaches that are shielded from the north winds and surrounded by lush vegetation.
      10. Soline. On the island’s northern side, you’ll find the lovely sandy Soline. It is quite popular and beloved among families with little children because of the clear water, sun, and pine trees.

      Mario Rent Boat Tour

      Imagine you have planned a visit to Hvar Island. Do you enjoy the landscapes while floating about and working on your tan, or do you prefer swimming and snorkeling in unique natural settings? Maybe you’re in the mood to party and want to spend the day bar-hopping, or maybe you can’t make up your mind and want to taste a little bit of everything? 

      Choose one of our stunning private trips to fulfill all of your holiday fantasies since each tour may be tailored to your exact requirements. There are a total of six tours to select from:

      Vis Island and Blue Cave  

      Join Mario rent on one of his rental trips to see the Blue Cave in all its glory. Float at Stiniva cove and take a plunge in the green waters of the Green cave. Explore Vis Island’s vibrant underwater life before dining on local delicacies in Palmiana Bay.

      Pakleni Islands and Red Rocks

      This cruise takes you along Hvar’s beautiful south shore. Among the breathtaking places are the natural marvel of Red Rocks and the gorgeous Borce Green Lagoon.

      Golden Horn

      The Golden Horn is one of Croatia’s most gorgeous pebble beaches. It is continually changing shape due to the effect of waves, sea currents, and wind. Kitesurfers from all over the world flock to the region, and there are plenty of activities for families traveling with children. 

      Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

      If you want to try something new and make your party one to remember, we have something for you: traveling around stunning bays and islands on a cool speed boat with a terrific sound system, chilling playlist, and a fridge full of beverages.

      Wine Tasting at Sunset 

      This trip is ideal for those who wish to get away from the throng and watch the sun sink into the sea. Enjoy a private boat excursion around the beautiful Pakleni islands while listening to music, tasting quality local wine, and drifting about at this calmest time of day. 

      Big Game Fishing

      Experience the dawn from the open sea while waiting for the catch of a lifetime, and see the dolphins frolic. Eat a delicious breakfast and a drink of local wine in the middle of the high seas.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


      Is Hvar a safe place to visit?

      Croatia is extremely safe for visitors in terms of crime, which is quite rare in the nation. The Сovid-19 epidemic, on the other hand, continues to be a source of concern for visitors to Croatia. 

      Is it worthwhile to travel to Hvar? 

      Yes, the journey is worth it.  Hvar has some of the best beaches in Europe, with crystal clear water that is perfect for snorkeling and diving. It’s ideal for taking in all of nature’s splendor.

      How long is it worth spending on Hvar Island?

      You have to take a ferry to go to Hvar. The ideal amount of time to spend on the island is two full days and three nights. 

      Is it true that sharks may be found in Croatian waters? 

      Shark sightings are uncommon in Croatian seas. There is no tourism business for diving or cage diving in the area.

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