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One day in Hvar

See what are the best things to do if you only have one day in Hvar.


    Last Updated: 03.04.2024


      We have undertaken a very challenging task of selecting the best things to do in Hvar if you only have one single day to spend on this beautiful island. 

      If you’ve only been to Hvar during the tourist season, you will have a hard time understanding the extent to which this small picturesque place transforms seasonally. The real number of inhabitants in the winter time is probably somewhere below 4000,  while during the summertime the number of visitors surpasses a hundred thousand. It is therefore understandable that this calm little place turns into a real beast in the summertime, with parties at every corner, numerous restaurants luring the visitors with good quality local food, cultural manifestations, and much more. The amount of options you are given in the summertime in Hvar makes the task of selecting the best things to do very difficult. If we add the gorgeous Pakleni islands to the equation, this complicates things even further. But, being adventurous as we are, we have decided to embark on this challenging journey called “Creating a perfect itinerary for a single day in Hvar”.

      Your first question might be: If Hvar has that much to offer, why would someone even decide to come for just one day? Fair point, one must admit, but for many travelers, Hvar is just one stop in their Adriatic island-hopping adventure. And we cannot blame them, the Adriatic really has a lot to offer, but if we can be so free as to advise, we would suggest spending at least 2-3 days on Hvar island.
      We have formulated 2 options for your day in Hvar, the first one being a bit more budget-friendly, and the second one a bit more customizable.



      In case you have arrived in Hvar town before 10:30 am, the best thing to do in order to see the most popular sights in Hvar archipelago is to join a group Blue cave tour. As hinted, the tours start at 10:30 with all tour providers in Hvar. Sometimes, for justified reasons, some operators might postpone their departure for 15-20 minutes, but it is highly unlikely you will find a group Blue cave tour after 10:45 am, so make sure to book on time. The price of a Blue cave tour is about 100 euros (in the off-season you can maybe bargain a bit, but in the high season the spots are frequently booked out in advance). This includes the boat ride with some amenities on board, like free water and snorkeling masks. The entrance into the Blue Cave is paid on top, 12 euros in the off-season and 18 euros in the high season. For children aged 6-12 the price is 6 euros in the off-season and 9 euros in the high season. For children younger than 6 the entrance is free of charge. The standard itinerary of this tour includes:


      The most famous beach of the Adriatic, encircled by massive cliffs, is definitely a stunning sight. You will get about half an hour off when you reach this location. Bear in mind that Stiniva is, luckily, protected, so no motorboats are allowed to enter it. Once you reach its vicinity, you will have two options: swim in (we promise it is not a long swim, only a couple of minutes) or use a dingy and row yourself in. On the beach, there is only one small house, which serves as a bar. You can buy some refreshments or get a quick snack there; paying with wet bills is part of the experience, too.

      Blue Lagoon

      Budikovac, also known as the Blue lagoon, is an idyllic place to have a swim. The area has crystal clear water and a calm ambiance so a swim there will be very enjoyable, but even resting on the boat and soaking up the scenery is also a good option.

      Green cave

      People on a boat docked by the Green cave

      A frequent stop on the tour is also the famous Green cave. This stunning cave is located on Ravnik island and it is famous for its emerald color. Green cave also has an entrance fee of about 10 euros, but it is important to note that sometimes the guests collectively decide to skip it and substitute it for a secret location on Vis islands. Your skipper will tell you more about this option.

      Blue Cave

      Blue cave

      The highlight of the tour, the Blue Cave is the furthest point of the tour, but it is well worth the trip. In order to get inside the Blue cave you will first have to embark on the boat and buy the tickets at the port. You will be given a number, so, in case you have some waiting time to get in (which will likely be the case in July and August) better use that opportunity to explore the sandy beach on the other side of Bisevo island, where the Blue cave is located. The tour of the cave lasts about 5-7 minutes, but that will be sufficient to fully absorb the beauty of the cave and to take some photos along the way.


      While the order in which the locations are visited highly depends on weather conditions, Palmižana is almost always the last location to visit before reaching Hvar. This beautiful marina is located on Pakleni islands, and it is home to a wonderful sandy beach, intact nature, and some of the best restaurants in Croatia. Your last stop here will probably last about two hours, so use them well to explore the area and try some local specialties.


      Once you are back from the tour (usually about 6 pm), you will still have enough time to visit all the main sights in Hvar town. Hvar town is not big, so a casual stroll of about an hour or two will be enough to see all the main sights and to walk from one end of Hvar to the other. Your tour will likely end on Hvar Riva (aka Hvar port), and that is a perfect spot to carry on your journey. Get lost in the little alleys parallel to the main streets and visit their shops and cafes. Visit the main square (St. Stephens square), with the Arsenal building and the Theatre in its immediate vicinity. Then, climb up to the fortress (Španjola) to get amazing sights of the archipelago. It will take about 15 minutes by foot, or a quick taxi ride to ge there. Last but not least, once you have finished exploring the fortress, head west. A 20-minute stroll will take you to Falko, probably the best place to finish your day in Hvar. The timing was set deliberately, as 7-8 pm is the best time to be there because you will have the opportunity to catch the famous Hvar sunset. Order a glass of good local wine and relax; your amazing day in Hvar is slowly coming to an end.





      Regardless of whether you are new to Hvar or a returning customer, you have surely heard about the amazing beaches that exist in its vicinity. Red rocks are the most famous of them. That is why, if you have the time and the resources, the best way to spend your day in Hvar would be to hire a private speedboat and explore the area. Our favorite tour that has it all is surely the Red rocks tour. The private boat tour of the Red rocks and Pakleni islands can cost you from 400 euros up, per boat. Boat sizes vary and the largest ones can fit about 12-16 persons. So, regardless of whether you are with a big group of friends or just with your significant other, there is a boat for every need. Departure time is up to you, but it is suggested to leave a bit earlier, around 9 or 10 am, to make the most of your day. Private tours are great because they give you a lot of flexibility in creating your itinerary, but make sure not to skip some of the following locations:

      Red rocks

      A Mario rent boat in front of the Red rocks of Hvar
      The highlight of the boat tour and also one of the most stunning locations to visit on Hvar island. This place can only be reached by boat, and once you reach it, make sure to swim into its magnificent coves.


      A nice secluded bay with a stunning rocky slope. The sea is crystal clear and you will and snorkeling is a must.


      Aerial shot of Lučišća, fkk beach on our private boat tour

      Lučišća is an amazing little beach surrounded by massive cliffs with vineyards on the slopes.


      Perna and a sailing boat

      This tiny secluded sandy beach is a must-do, especially if you intend to visit Palmižana on the way. The two are very close to each other, so it is a shame to miss it.

      Vela Garška

      A great beach bar on the mainland of Hvar, but detached from the town itself. The charm of this place is that it still remained authentic and intact by mass tourism, so you will be able to enjoy your coffee and swim far from the daily hustle and bustle.


      With a private tour, you have more flexibility about the drop-off point. If your hotel is by the sea in Hvar and you wish to change and shower after a day at sea, feel free to tell your skipper to drop you off near your hotel. He will do what is within his power to bring you as close to your hotel as possible. As the first part of your town exploration make sure to walk across St Stephen’s square and all the important sights in its vicinity, i.e. the Theatre and the Arsenal building. By the theatre, you will also see one of the nicest bars in Hvar, so if you are a fan of the beautiful ambiance, good music, and calm surroundings, make sure to explore this gem. It is called Teraca and you will find it on the top of the Arsenal building. Furthermore, make sure to walk (20 min) or take a taxi to the fortress Španjola overlooking Hvar. There you will get some amazing sights of the Pakleni islands and the town itself. Stay there for the sunset or, if you have time, walk down towards the western part of Hvar.  On its very outskirts you will find Falko beach bar, an amazing location to finish your day and to absorb the famous Hvar sunset.


      If you wish your day in Hvar would never end, you can easily prolong it by visiting some of the nicest party locations. We would advise you to visit them in the following order:
      Hula Hula Beach Bar – the best place for a day party. Right by the beach (and right by Mario rent corner), this bar with great house beats and drinks will make sure you have the time of your life. The party lasts here all day (but the “real thing” is from 5 pm ) and it finishes around sunset. That is the time to head to your next destination.
      Lola street food – great food and great music, Lola is a vibrant bar in the town center and a great place to refill your drinks and your energy.
      Carpe Diem Beach – the final destination. This open-air island club organizes notoriously good parties with famous DJs from all around the world. The entrance fee is hefty (usually about 50 euros) but it is worth it!

      If you want to find out more about Hvar and all the activities you can do there, take a look at this guide by Momondo.

      If you are looking for things to do around Split, make sure not to miss the rafting adventure at Cetina River! This activity will not only allow you to explore the breathtaking scenery but also get your heart rate going with activities like cliff jumping and cave exploring.



      What are the best places to visit in Hvar?

      Best places to visit in Hvar town are: the fortress, St. Stephen’s square, the Theatre and the Arsenal building. The best thing to do from Hvar is the Blue cave tour.

      What do to for one day in Hvar?

      Best thing to do if you only have one day in Hvar is to join the Blue cave tour and explore Hvar town later in the evening.

      What are the best day trips or excursions from Hvar?

      The best day trips from Hvar are definitely the Blue cave excursion (which can be done in a group or privately) and Red rocks tour (which can only be done with a private speedboat hire).

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