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Image of Hvar town, boats and the sea


Spend three unforgettable days in Hvar. This post will show you how!


    Last Updated: 15.04.2024


      So you’ve heard from your friend who went to Croatia last year that there is this cool island on the Dalmatian coast with pristine clear water, amazing party locations, Robinson-style hidden bays where you can sip on your cocktail to forget about workload that is waiting for you when you get back home. In a moment of recklessness, you book your plane tickets and the next thing you know it, you’re in Hrvatska. Now what?


      If you landed to Split airport, there are several ways to get to Hvar. A more cost-effective way is to take a taxi to Split town and book your catamaran ticket. However, if you want to avoid the hassle and save time, you can book fast water taxi with Mario rent which will get you to Hvar town in less than an hour. Choose between Standard, Comfort or Deluxe fares.  Airport pick-up can also be provided, just ask us!

      DAY 1 IN HVAR


      If you want to take it easy for your first day, it would be best to explore the local gems. Take a walk around Hvar town where you will see Hvar’s theatre, one of the oldest theatres in Europe. In the same building, you will find Arsenal, built as a maintenance shipyard. A 5-minute walk from the centre will take you to the Franciscan monastery founded in the 15th century. Get lost in the small alleyways that hide many local artisans and craft shops, fashion boutiques and art galleries. If you want to try some of the local designer brands, visit More beach ware on the main square. After exploring, it is time to take it easy; visit Falko beach bar, hidden behind the busy Hula Hula beach bar. Take a glass of wine, grab a bite to eat and enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world. Get enough sleep as day two has a lot to offer!


      The beauty of Hvar lies not only in the town itself, but in all the little secluded locations that encircle it. Therefore, you should take an entire day (or, ideally, two) to explore all the little bays and beaches that locals adore. For your day two in Hvar it is highly recommendable to hire a boat as this will provide you with access to locations you could not normally reach by car. If you have a license, consider hiring a boat that you’d drive on your own (prices ranging from 80 euros up to 500 euros). Otherwise, group tours (from 80 euros per person) or private tours with a skipper (from 500 euros per boat) can also be an option. One of the most popular routes for a day on the sea in Hvar is the Blue cave tour.

      blue cave hvar

      It is advisable to start this tour a bit earlier, ideally around 9, or 9:30, so that you are ahead of the boats that leave from Hvar, as the majority of them leave at 10:30. This will give you more privacy in some of the most popular locations, as well as shorten your waiting time to get inside the blue cave. One of the first stops on your route should be Stiniva. This beach was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe, and it truly is one of the most captivating beaches in the world. You will most likely need to swim in, as access to boats is prohibited. There is also an adorable beach bar, which offers drinks and snacks, and accepts wet money, as they jokingly like to point out. After a swim stop in Stiniva, your next stop could be the Blue cave. This is a natural park, so once you reach the pier, you will need to leave your boat (the skipper should put it aside), and buy the tickets to get inside the cave. The cave, with its intense blue color, provides a unique experience that will most certainly be one of the highlights of your stay in Hvar.

      Some other locations that are worth visiting are Komiža, a small fisherman village on Vis which can be a convenient lunch stop, and Pritiscina, an amazing beach that is hidden between the rocks. On your way back to Hvar you can stop on Pakleni islands. Depending on your preferences, Pakleni have many options to offer. If you are a fan of “it” places, deep house, lounge areas and cocktails, then definitely Palmizana is the place for you. There you have several restaurants (Bacchus is our recommendation) and good vibes at Laganini beach bar. If, on the other hand, you would like something a bit more secluded and private, we highly recommend Vlaka, a bay that is on the other end of Pakleni. There you will find some amazing wine tasting, as well as one of the most authentic restaurants in the area: Dioniz. Its menu is limited but extremely delicious and it is famous for its lamb dish and eggplant pie.

      Once your sailing has come to an end, you can disembark at the famous Hula Hula beach bar and enjoy the rest of your day from there. After Hula Hula, most people head downtown to bars and restaurants, and for those who want to party, you can finish your day at Pink Champagne or at Carpe Diem beach on Pakleni islands.



      Now that you have explored Vis island and visited Pakleni, don’t be fooled to think you’ve seen it all. Some of the nicest beaches in the area are located on Hvar island itself, on its southern shore. For day 3 you will again need a transportation vehicle; a boat would be ideal as some locations can only be reached from the sea, but a scooter will be ok as well.  The south shore of Hvar hides many unique locations, and one of its biggest benefits is not only the diverse scenery but also the fact that it is easier to find locations that are less touristy. Your first stop on your way can be Dubovica, one of the nicest beaches in the area. It’s a long pebble beach with crystal clear water and a charming little beach bar hidden behind tamarisk branches. There you can have your morning coffee or a refreshing smoothie, to refuel your energy for the rest of your day.

      A bit further away from Dubovica are Crvene Stijene, captivating red cliffs that are one of the most popular attractions of Hvar island. As they can only be reached by boat, this stop should be omitted in case you are renting a scooter. If you are interested in some wine tasting, Zlatan Otok vinery in Sveta Nedilja hides some of the best wines in the region. On your way back to Hvar definitely stop at Zarace, an interesting bay that consists of two parts: Velo and Malo Zarace. As the two bays have something completely different to offer, our advice is to visit both of them. In case you get hungry, you can stop at Beach Garden restaurant and have a delicious lunch there.

      If you didn’t run out of time, there is another magnificent location we would like you to visit. On the western side of Hvar there is a bay called Vela Garška, which hides one of the quietest and prettiest beach bar in the area, called “Calma”. Grab a cocktail there and enjoy the peacefulness of the bay that is hidden not only from the winds but also from the crowds. Once you get back to Hvar town, bear in mind there is still one very special place you need to visit before you leave: Spanjola fortress overlooking Hvar. The view from the top is captivating, and if paired with the sunset, it will be a perfect recap of your holiday spent in Hvar.

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