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Top three best rated Hvar boat tours

Check out the best boat tours in the Hvar archipelago and pick yours!


    Last Updated: 17.04.2024


      When designing your itinerary for Hvar, make sure not to forget to put a boat tour on the list. This is a unique way to explore all the beauties this area has to offer. 

      Located in south-central Croatia, Hvar is a perfect spot to do some island hopping and explore the Adriatic. In its immediate vicinity are Pakleni islands, Split, Brač, Vis, Korčula, Šolta; all of which are beautiful in their own way. Therefore, it does not surprise that the go-to activity for most visitors of Hvar island are daily boat tours. Here you will get a glimpse of the most popular boat tours from Hvar, their pricing, advice on which boats to select, and much more.
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      When selecting a boat tour from Hvar, you need to have a couple of parameters in mind:

      Time of the year – as we all know, Hvar is a very popular holiday location. It does not surprise then that some of the locations that will be on your bucket list will find their spot on other people’s lists, too. Generally speaking, July and August are the busiest months of the season. Therefore, if you wish to avoid crowded locations, you should choose your boat tour carefully.

      Budget– more distant locations require more gas and therefore cost more. Also, some tours can be done both as a group tour and as a private tour. Naturally, private tours will be more expensive, but they will also allow for more flexibility.

      Weather conditions – Last, but definitely not least, the wind situation is something that can significantly impact your experience at sea. Surprisingly, while most people dread the rain, there is one thing that is worse for sailors: the wind. While rain does bring a whole different mood on your trip, it doesn’t impact significantly the ability to sail, and can even bring a totally charming and romantic setting to your day out on the sea. However, on windy days, one must be careful to select those spots that are secluded from the wind that is blowing on that particular day. In Dalmatia, the most notorious winds are Bura (NE) and Jugo (SE).



      1. Blue Cave and Pakleni Islands tour

      Pros: very diverse scenery, includes 4 different islands
      Cons: the busiest one
      Price: 400-1600 euros per boat (private tour) or 80 euros per person (group tour)
      Additional fees: Blue cave entrance (12-18 euros), Green cave (optional)
      Best time to visit: pre- and post-season (May, June, September, October)
      Highlights: Blue cave, Stiniva, Palmižana

      blue cave3

      By far the most popular boat tour from Hvar is the Blue cave and Pakleni islands, sometimes also known as 4 or 5 island tour (depending on whether you depart from Hvar or Split). Its popularity is not accidental, as the locations visited are truly stunning. You can read more about the Blue cave tour on this link.
      As it can get quite busy in the peak season (July and August), in that period it is better to visit it with a private boat tour or, instead, consider the following:

      2. Red rocks and Pakleni islands tour

      Pros: beautiful beaches, less busy than the Blue cave
      Cons: focused only on Hvar and Pakleni
      Price: 400-1200 euros (private tour only)
      Best time to visit: any time during summer
      Highlights: Red rocks, Zaraće, Palmižana

      A truly stunning route, ideal for those who wish to stay away from busy areas, yet see amazing scenery and Hvar’s most beautiful beaches. This tour includes a lot of beach stops and swimming, so it is best to be done in warmer months of the year, so you don’t miss out on swimming and snorkeling. In colder months (spring and autumn) Blue cave tour might be more advisable. Winetasting can also be done as a part of this tour, but make sure to let your booking agent know in advance. You can read more about this tour here.


      3. Golden horn and Pakleni islands tour

      Pros: has the most authentic hidden locations
      Cons: Golden Horn gets busy in July and August
      Price: 400-1600 euros (private tour only)
      Best time to visit: any time during summer
      Highlights: Golden horn, secluded bays on Hvar and Pakleni

      One of the most famous beaches of the Adriatic, Golden Horn, also known as Zlatni rat beach, is the highlight of this tour. What is unique about this boat tour is that it also takes you to some stunning secluded locations on Pakleni islands and Hvar’s mainland. These locations are popular among the locals, yet not well known among the tourists, and they offer a truly unique and authentic experience of Hvar island, far from the crowds. You can read more about this tour here.



      Prices of a boat tour from Hvar can range from 80 euros to 300 euros or more per person. This greatly depends on the size of the group, the time of year, and on whether you prefer a private tour or a group excursion.

      The more budget-friendly version is the group tour. In Hvar town there is only one daily speedboat excursion: The Blue Cave tour. Its price ranges from 80 euros in the pre-season to 100 euros in the peak season  (July and August). The price does not include the entrance fee to the Blue Cave (about 12-18 euros, for more detailed pricing for the Blue cave check here).

      The prices of private boat tours are expressed per boat, rather than per person. They range from 500 euros (usually max 4 persons, gasoline included) to 1500 euros or more ( for 2 to 12 persons, gasoline included). Closer destinations like Pakleni Islands and Red Rocks will generally cost a bit less than the tours to Vis or Brač, as the latter two are further away.

      There are many options to select from, so we will show you the 3 most popular low, mid and high-budget options. Smaller boats naturally cost less, but they can also accommodate fewer people, so in some instances, a bigger boat might even be a cheaper option if you are part of a bigger group.

      Low budget: Aquamax 21

      Average price: 500 euros (price depends on tour, gas and skipper included)
      Capacity: 4 + 1

      This small RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is perfect for groups of up to 4 persons + a skipper. RIB boats are soft on the waves and it has enough shade in the back to keep your party safe from the summer sun. It is advisable for closer destinations like Pakleni islands and Red rocks, but perfectly safe for further islands as well.

      Mid budget: Crownline

      Average price: 750 euros (price depends on tour, gas, and skipper included)
      Capacity: 8+1

      If you are searching for something very comfortable and with plenty of room both in the front and in the back, Crownline-style boat will be ideal for you. Pair it with a good sound system and cushioned sundeck, and you got yourself a perfect boat for exploring Hvar archipelago, including Vis and the Blue Cave.

      High budget: Colnago

      Price range: from 1100 euros (price depends on tour, gas and skipper included)
      Capacity: 12+2

      For ultimate comfort on the sea select Colnago-type boats. Colnago is where luxury meets comfort. A spacious boat with plenty of room in the shade and in the sun, a good Soundsystem, and speed are only some of the qualities this boat boasts. This vessel is also perfect for Bachelor or bachelorette party boat tours, or for families searching for a comfortable boat to explore the area.


      While some people prefer to experience authentic intact locations, others prefer party spots or just need beautiful swimming locations.  Hopefully, these guidelines helped you select the perfect boat tour that would suit your needs in Hvar. Bear in mind that all private boat tours in Hvar are highly customizable, so you can talk to your skipper and tell him about your needs and preferences, and he will do his best to accommodate them. The skippers are very knowledgeable about the area so they will know all the secluded bays or good restaurants, and much more.  Nonetheless,  whichever boat tour you select from this list, we guarantee you will not regret it. Each tour is beautiful and special in its own way, so if you have time and resources, definitely give it a try!

      In case you are searching for the best ways to get to Hvar, make sure to check Kayak.com, where you can find cheap flights and exclusive deals.


      What are the best private boat tours from Hvar?

      The best (and most popular) private boat tours that leave from Hvar town are the Blue Cave tour which takes you along the Vis island and Pakleni islands, the Red Rocks tour which goes along the South shore of Hvar and Pakleni islands, and the Golden Horn tour which goes to Brač island, visits Bol, as well as Pakleni islands.

      What is the best group excursion from Hvar?

      The most popular group excursion from Hvar is the Blue Cave tour. It departs every day at 10:30 and comes back around 6 pm. This group tour costs 80 euros in the pre-season and 100 euros per person in the peak season (July and Aug).

      How much does a private boat tour cost?

      A private boat tour from Hvar will cost you between 400 and 1700 euros, depending on the boat and the route you select. For example, the cheapest private tour is the sunset cruise with the lowest price being 250 euros.
      A tour that includes a smaller boat and a shorter route (like Pakleni islands) will naturally be cheaper (approx 400 euros) than longer routes with bigger boats (for example Blue cave tour with Colnago yacht will cost from 1400 euros up).

      What is the price of a boat tour from Hvar?

      The price of a boat tour from Hvar is anywhere between 400 and 1800 euros per boat, depending on the tour and the boat size.  Smaller boats can, of course, take less people, so if you travel with a big group, it might be cheaper to take a bigger boat, than to join a group tour.
      Group boat tours (that is excursions) to the Blue cave cost about 80 to 100 euros per person + entrance fee to the Blue cave.

      Where to book a boat tour in Hvar?

      While there are many agencies that offer much of the same, Mario rent reviews of hundreds of happy customers show that not all agencies were created equal. With more than 15 years in the industry, high-quality vessels and experienced skippers with good command of English, Mario rent offers a guarantee of quality and it is therefore the best place to book a boat tour in Hvar.

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